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This PLANET-site gives information about 'how we look and see' to produce films and our edutainment content.

Casting International is an independent filmmaker, the only one in Europe who tells entertaining stories about the outside World, at the same time educating about how the Human mind works.

The amusement (entertainment) part of the film stories is aimed at a large audience.

The education section has the intention to ignite the light of consciousness in such a way that it activates a personal and universal sense of responsibility.

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The position of an 'I/me/myself' becomes by this education brighter in the relationship of a self and the outside world (society).
In our societies there is a lot of emphasis on norms and rules.
These are energies going from outside to inside.
This is okay, no criticism; but:
Lady Justice has a scale in which those norms/rules must be in balance with the inner values.
These values show themselves by energies going from the inside the outside:
Not just doing something, but directing your energies to the outside by awareness is a sublime Human capacity.
This a Human can only do, if have learned this.
Therefore, spiritual education is very important for cultivating inner values and the sense of responsibility.

This is what Casting International does through movies.
We make of each film a teaching: a lesson about how awareness works.
On another way than norms and laws, this is not enforceable, not moralistic, but educational.
It is advisory from the idea:

Is this given view useful?, use it!
If not?: don’t use it;
because purpose in life is to be yourself.'

By the medium of film/video, these teachings are very entertaining and swinging.

Dance Music is sponsored by Oreade Music.

The entertaining qualities of the film- & TV-stories target a wide audience.
The educational focus is meant to ignite the light of consciousness in such a way that it activate personal- and universal consciousness.

This form of cultivating ethical values promotes inner peace, it teaches about love, compassion, happiness, and decreases violence.

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This happens when there is
no balance between law and inner values

A visualization to specify this:
Lady Justice weighs (blindfolded and levying her sword of judgment) her balance sheet.
This balance sheet is in our society on one side that of norms (laws like: thou shalt not do this and should do that; in short: energies from the outside to the inside), and on the other side that of inner values (personal and universal sense of responsibility, in short: energies from the inside to the outside).
The side of norms is much too heavy…
All the laws fall on her big toe, which is painful (because the more laws, the more criminality, the more work pressure for this Lady).
Using the view of one-taste: don’t we all agree that the pain in her toe blocks the happiness of us all in our societies?

Most of the people see the things as how they are,
and ask ’Why?'

Casting International answers these questions by telling dream-like film stories, with such messages that you ask yourself 'Why not?'.

Casting International develops new-original and innovative film-, DVD-, web- & TV-projects, not comparable with existing content.

The mission of Casting International is the initiation of an innovative-interactive-internet TV-station for the United Nations: RTPK.
This "mother-project" will make all the UN-organizations more effective in reaching on a more efficient way their purposes.

This PLANET-site is part of the 3-unit PLANET - PEOPLE - PROFIT, and publish our businessplan.