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Below is an outline of the core activities of the organization Casting International for relations, clients, funders, sponsors, advertisers, broadcasters and television stations, teachers and partners.

The business concept is in the form of a splinter multinational, as a private problem shooter within international development co-operation in a commercial manner. To help solve universal problems.


CISU is a video production company with the mission to help make the communication of United Nations organizations more efficient and more effective (on this basis we are accredited).
See: http://www.recotv.nl/mission.html

Our vision to achieve this is by training our ‘own’ video production teams that afield can serve as eyes & ears.
See: http://www.recotv.nl/our-vision.html

Two lines pitch of RTPK
(Reality-TV of the (Purple) Peace Keepers):
Reality-TV (RT):
an internet TV station (vocal piece) for, and strategically driven by, United Nations-organizations, financially self-sufficient, and earn money to finance:
Purple Peace Keepers (PK):
a world wide deployable military organized high tech observation team of specially trained observers, which provides the UN afield with eyes and ears in ‘real time’.
Set up:
The aim is the creation of an organized military set up without guns but equipped with non-lethal weapons camera's and uniform.
For this, refugees, volunteers and students from higher education and trainees from secondary vocational training (50-50 male/ female) are selected and recruited and trained in video production teams according to a standard programme that has its origin in the training syllabuses for Dutch army conscripts during the Cold War, and which has been innovatively adapted for training such teams in order to realize many UN-film assignments.

Only trainees who have completed their traineeship with an 8, 9, or 10 (Dutch Educational marking system) are offered flex time contracts.

Teams to be sent on mission are led by a former career officer expert or film production expert or domain expert during film productions with a duration ranging from 1 week to max. 3 months.

There are three degrees of risk operation:
  • Low (all productions in the Benelux)
  • Medium (most)
  • High (warzones, organized crime, anticorruption projects).

The teams are multi disciplinary in terms of their educational composition allowing them to work as a self supporting entity.
The flexible freelance time contracts allows for a noncommittal to missions, but there are many needed with different levels and training.
State of affairs today: 120 persons available for CREW time contracts and 30 for STAFF time contracts.

Video teams make the following kind of (edutainment) video films:
  • - promo’s
  • - documentaries
  • - feature films
  • - research reports
  • - reconstructions
  • - commercials
  • - monitoring
  • - instruction films
  • - viral marketing
  • - Reality TV
  • - formats and mediaplans
  • - witnesses & victims statements registrations
  • - video CV’s
  • - video business and organizational presentations
  • - Videoclips Search&Find-engine
  • - scripts / scenario’s/ screenplays/ treatments/ planning/ financial breakdowns
All genres (from horror to comedy, from business facts to fiction, entertainment, educational, functional).

The business model is:
  1. Service provider in the area of inscript placements as media-content provider for businesses.
  2. First moving AV production company for IO’s and companies and NGO’s;
  3. Subscribers
  4. Sales of ©formats rights to international markets

Specialized Knowledge

Exclusive sales arguments:
  • International commercial development cooperation with high viewing and interaction ratings.
  • sustainable perspectives on universal issues, and so creating public involvement (it concerns ‘you’ directly)
  • Return on investment is high
  • Supporting Charity
  • Teams (with multi disciplinary knowledge) consisting of 3 - 4 young crew members (18+ year olds) under the guidance of an expert (an experienced former professional military officer - now businessman, experienced filmmakers, international development, and/or domain knowledge experts)
  • High production speeds standard trained skills and drills.
  • Relatively low costprices, related to low risk level assignments
  • Problem solving skills are based on causation and creativity with a humourous wink.
Please note:
no politics, no porn, no undercover operations.

This is a short summary.
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